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North Wales Branch

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Following the success of the Cymru branch, the ILFM would like to introduce a new branch for members in North Wales. Would you be interested in joining a branch in your area?

We are looking for volunteers who can assist in getting this new branch up and running. Whatever you can do to help; from meeting and greeting, providing a venue/meeting room, organising guest speakers or reporting on the event for Legal Abacus.

Please get in touch by emailing us at:

The branch will be located in the most central area to those who are keen to join, so it is up to you to tell us where.

Spending time with like-minded people, who are going through the same issues and changing times as you are, makes you feel human. I skipped away from the meeting knowing I am doing everything I have been trained to do, to do the very best of my ability. Bouncing ideas and scenarios off other professionals is very helpful and the speakers give you an insight into different areas within the industry. Sarah is an amazing host and the most knowledgeable person I know on the SAR’s and many other legal related topics. The branch meetings are invaluable to legal cashiers and other finance professionals.
Julie Lewis
Thomas & Thomas Solicitors

I thoroughly enjoyed both the course and the meeting. I found the material covered on the course both useful and enlightening. Because the people attending come from South Wales their practices operate in a like manner and it is helpful to hear others views and systems.   It was the first Branch meeting I had attended but I found it very enjoyable. The speaker was very interesting and the content of the material he discussed was very relevant. 

Mary Lammin
ILFM member