Fellowship Course

The ILFM are dedicated to driving innovation, education and the promotion of excellence throughout the legal sector for financial and practice management staff, with structured courses and qualifications to provide a career path in legal finance and practice management.

The Fellowship is the Institutes highest qualification and only available to full Associate level members. The qualification is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and ability to research and analyse a chosen subject within the legal profession, with a requirement for students to submit a 10,000 to 15,000 word thesis on a topic chosen from either the ILFM approved list or by submitting their own topic (relevant to legal finance or practice management) for approval from the Training and Education Committee.  You are required to be an ILFM member.

In addition to the written thesis, from 1st January 2014 students will be required to complete a presentation to a panel at the ILFM office in Sidcup. The presentation should last between 15 and 30 minutes and showcase the student’s knowledge of their chosen topic. Following the presentation there will be questions from the panel.

To start, the student will need to complete and successfully pass the thesis element of the qualification. The student will then be asked to attend the ILFM office to complete their presentation. Upon registering for the fellowship the student will be informed of the presentation dates which are available to them. The dates will be pre-determined and will be in January and June.

Students who successfully gain a pass in both the thesis and the presentation will be awarded with the fellowship qualification and members can use the designatory letters FILFM after their name.

With the introduction of the presentation the deadline has been extended from 6 months to 12 months. Further guidelines and the approved list of topics are available from the ILFM office. The fee for the fellowship qualification is £295. 

CPD Accreditation

The Fellowship qualification is also accredited with 10 ILFM CPD points on successful completion.