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ILFM - Solicitors' Software Awards 2019 WINNERS

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We are thrilled to announce the winners of the ILFM’s Solicitors’ Software Awards 2019, voted by our members.

Each year the ILFM asks its members to respond to a survey regarding best software which they use every day.  The ILFM continues to remain strictly impartial when asked about specific legal software suppliers. No recommendation or advice is provided.

Winner of 2019 of Solicitors' Software Awards - as voted by ILFM Member software users…….

Insight Legal

Legal Accounts is an area so specialised that it forms part of a solicitor’s training. Law firms have to handle client money and pay for services on behalf of clients. In addition they must ensure they comply with the Law Society Rules or SRA Accounts Rules applicable to their area. General accounting systems simply don’t handle these things well, if at all.

Lawman Practice Management System

Timeslice is a leading supplier of integrated legal software for Solicitors. Today Lawman is available as a conventional locally hosted system or as a fully private cloud hosted system. Our flagship product, Lawman is an integrated practice, document, email and workflow management system.

Our users include Top 100, Legal 500 and many leading regional practices

Indigo Financial Centre

Indigo Financial Centre and Indigo Case Centre, enable lawyers to get on with their daily workload with a slick, easy to use interface. They are built on the latest technology platforms and can work in either an “on premise” or “cloud/hosted” environment. With our newly introduced Indigo Case Centre we embrace all areas of a Law Firm.


4th & Most improved score from 2018


Quill Pinpoint’s interactive and intuitive cloud based legal accounting system contains all the features a legal cashier needs to efficiently manage the firm’s finances according to the stringent demands of the SRA Accounts Rules, CLC Accounts Code or Scottish Accounts Rules, and adheres to the newly introduced Making Tax Digital legislation.


Questions asked…

Adequacy of Training

Usefulness of User Manual

Usefulness of Online help (Contextual Help buttons)

Ease of making postings

Bank reconciliations

Interest calculations

Compliance to Accounts Rules

Month end routine procedure

Making Tax Digital procedures VAT Return calculation

Compliance with Money Laundering Regulations

COFA compliance audit

Nominal postings

Bills postings

Ease of reporting generally

Customised reports


Reaction time to regulatory changes

Help Desk Speed of Response 

The awards’ ceremony will be held on 18 September 2019.  


Every firm of solicitors in England and Wales should ideally have one of their account’s team as an ILFM Member.   The outlay is an asset to any legal firm (£120 + VAT per year) owing to the professionalism being a member brings - the knowledge and support you will receive is invaluable.  Obviously, COFAs have their own individual challenges, which is why we have specific training for the professionals in the role of the Compliance Officer for Financial and Administration.  

Keeping our members and their respective firms updated with leading software news and awards is important - we want the very best for legal finance professionals to be able to feel secure and compliant, knowing the software they use makes their daily lives easier and safer.