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Inaugural benchmarking survey of ILFM member firms

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We are working in association with Saffery Champness, a firm of Chartered Accountants, who will be producing the inaugural benchmarking survey of ILFM member firms. We hope that you will take part.

This research will consider the key financial and operational issues facing ILFM members and their firms, allowing those involved to benchmark their strategies and success against the overall market, and offering valuable pointers towards the areas of focus needed to remain current and competitive.

We do hope you will participate – the more members that complete the survey, the better the results will be. If you participate, Saffery Champness will send you a copy of the results when they are published later this year – a valuable tool for benchmarking your business.

Watch out for an email heading your way with the survey link.

The survey contains a mix of questions that are intended to be answered by ILFM members and separate non-financial questions that are intended for partners or managers of your firm. If you are an ILFM member. The survey will automatically tailor questions according to role.

The survey should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete and not all questions are compulsory, but we encourage participants to answer questions as fully as possible. You will need some recent financial information to hand, but if you do not have all of the information available, please include your best estimate.

Please note that the closing date for submission is Friday 14 June.