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Net Zero - Making your first step easy

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Net Zero - Making your first step easy

The prospect of an imminent CoVid-19 vaccine means that 2020 may finish in a much better way than it started! 

Hopefully 2021 will signal a return to normal ways of working, and with a new US President who has promised to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, the focus will return to addressing Climate Change.

Whether your organisation is just thinking about it, or is in the initial planning stages of how you will reach the Net Zero targets, the ILFM is here to guide you through our Target Net Zero Community.

At our recent conference, James Napier, our Net Zero partner from CBN Expert, presented just how easy it can be to take your first step towards achieving Net Zero and what the benefits to your business will be. A copy of the presentation and for more information, insights and help take a look at our Target Net Zero Community which is free to join.