ILFM Diploma & Legal Cashier Qualification - ILFM (Dip)

The ILFM Diploma has two certificates. Bookkeeping for Legal Finance Professionals and Legal Finance Professionals & the Accounts Rules. Together these two certificates will provide a sound comprehensive and practical knowledge of the maintenance of a solicitor’s internal records and to meet compliance with regulatory accounts rules, and will give you a widely recognised ILFM(Dip) qualification.

To complete the Diploma course a student needs both certificates, starting first with the Bookkeeping for Legal Finance Professionals (or an exemption certificate).  A fee is applicable for each certificate and you are also required to be a member of the ILFM.

ILFM Diploma One:  Bookkeeping for Legal Finance Professionals Certificate

Objective: To provide a sound foundation in accounting through the introduction of double entry bookkeeping and its application.

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ILFM Diploma Two:  Legal Finance Professionals & the Accounts Rules Certificate

Objective: To provide a sound and comprehensive knowledge of the accounts rules in legal practice in order to meet compliance requirements.

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