ILFM Diploma Two: Legal Professionals and the Accounts Rules Certificate

Objective: To provide a sound and comprehensive knowledge of the accounts rules in legal practice in order to meet compliance requirements.

Contents of the course:

  • Tutorial 1   Purpose and aims of the legal professionals accounts rules
  • Tutorial 2   Client money and client account
  • Tutorial 3   Firms own money - Office Account
  • Tutorial 4   Withdrawals from client account
  • Tutorial 5   Client money not held in client account
  • Tutorial 6   Retaining funds not linked to a transaction
  • Tutorial 7   Disbursement v. Recharges
  • Tutorial 8   Interest
  • Tutorial 9   Record Keeping
  • Tutorial 10  Reporting Accountants report
  • Tutorial 11  Rules not already covered

Each tutorial contains self test questions and an assignment to be submitted for marking

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