Training Testimonials

What our members say when they feedback to us...... 

"I was impressed with the webinar on Disbursements/Recharges and found it very informative and have watched different parts of it a few times. It has been so helpful to be able to watch the webinar a few times.  I watched it with the partners and we kept pausing it so we could discuss and make notes on different points!" Jane Woodhouse, Marshalls Solicitors

 Disbursements vs Recharges Webinar, 6th February 2020

 ​​"This was the first time that I had attended an ILFM training day. I am so glad I did now, as I took so much from it and the knowledge the trainer had was fantastic in helping me better understand certain elements of the rules. Any questions I had were answered in detail. I am now looking forward to future events".

"Excellent course, delivered by an excellent trainer. Really like the way that Darren managed the day, made everyone feel relaxed and that we all participated - "very knowledgable". I feel that I have benefited from attending the course and better equipped to deal with some of the real world problems in the workplace". 

SRA Accounts Rules, 21st January 2020

"The best VAT course we have attended, very relevant to law firms which was great". VAT for Legal Accounting, 20th January 2020 

"You don't need to be a qualified accountant to understand VAT when attending Darren's class". VAT for Legal Accounting, 20th March 2018

"VAT for Legal Accounting - one of the most daunting subjects to cover - made easy and dare I say fun with the ILFM".  S M Baines, Vincent & Co, Legal Cashier.  January 2018

“I never knew a VAT course could be so much fun! It was friendly, funny and very informative. I came away understanding the importance of VAT, the differences and how it is treated within the computer software that we use today”.  VAT for Legal Accounting, 30th October 2017

"An excellent course offering practical solutions to credit control challenges which are easy to understand and implement. I left feeling very encouraged and positive about improving our own system."  Credit Management for Law Firms, 26th June 2017

"If you really want to understand the reality of the rules and gain confidence in your role then attend ILFM training".  SRA Accounts Rules, 16th May 2017

"I love this training course! I am totally new to this field and this course really helped me to understand why we do the things we do. great introduction and would Highly Recommend!" The Fundamentals of Legal Cashiering, 11th May 2017

"Linda was fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was a great refresher course and I feel much more confident within myself and my knowledge".  SRA Accounts Rules, 9th May 2017

"The Practice Management training day was well worth attending and one of the best training days experienced. Sarah Charlton is so knowledgeable and her experience in the subject shows. Not only was valuable information relayed by Sarah her delivery was so entertaining time flew by. I am implementing a lot of what I learnt immediately and preparing for some legislation that is coming into force which I was unaware of before attending the training day".  Practice Management, 6th April 2017 

"Excellent training, extremely well presented and our lecturer was very knowledgeable and friendly. Answered all questions with clear answers and very approachable. I would definitely attend another training session". 

"Great subject & teacher!"

SRA Accounts Rules, 23rd Feb 2017

"All ILFM training courses I have been on were excellent".

"Very funny and clearly very knowledgeable! Sarah's brilliant approach to teaching meant that we were involved in discussions right from the start which kept us interested all the way through the seminar".

"Brilliant training, the tutor was brilliant!"

"Sarah was an excellent trainer for the SRA Accounts Rules course. The course suited Trainee Cashiers, Legal Cashiers and Accounts Managers to update their knowledge of the current Solicitors Accounts Rules".

SRA Accounts Rules, 16th Feb 2017

"Excellent training, extremely well presented and our lecturer was very knowledgeable and friendly. Answered all questions with clear answers and very approachable. I would definitely attend another training session".

"Excellent training - interactive so felt you were involved and able to ask questions as we went along".

"The ILFM COFA Training is excellent. They somehow made a mundane subject interesting! I highly recommend it to anyone acting as COFA".

COFA Workshop 26th Jan 2017

"Excellent course for all legal cashiers and accountants".

"I found the course extremely interesting considering the subject matter! Darren was engaging and held my attention the entire day, and gave us a few chuckles!"  

"Considering this was a VAT course Darren kept it interesting and light hearted. It didn't get too heavy and it is perfect for someone with slight VAT knowledge that needs improving".  

VAT 5th Dec 2016

"The course is really beneficial and informative. I left with a clear knowledge of what my firm is/isn't doing properly, and with solutions to help us be more prepared in the future. It was interesting and Richard and David were very easy to talk to and the whole group felt they could get involved and comment. I would recommend every firm has someone go to this course from their compliance team as it is not only helpful with the information from the presentation, but also to hear other peoples views and experiences who are also doing the job".  Cybercrime & Fraud Workshop, 21st Sept 2016

"If Linda is doing the training, book it. Quite simply she is amazing. She was fun, informative and her enthusiasm for this subject is obvious. Would pay to hear the same course just to sit through this again with her". SRA Accounts Rules, 13th Sept 2016

"An extremely informative day. Sarah Charlton was an excellent tutor. The session was very interactive which I found extremely helpful. I would definitely attend another training course run by Sarah".

 Practice Management, 6th June 2016

" ILFM Training gives you the confidence required in this industry; that is the confidence to challenge, support, and know you are operating as you should be".

"I have just attended the SRA Account Rules with Linda Lambert. Excellent course, very informative and great to meet others in the same field".

"The training was very insightful and extremely informative, I would recommend this training for refreshing cashiers".

SRA Accounts Rules, April 2016

"I have worked as a Legal Cashier for 30 years but would encourage others to refresh their knowledge of the SRA Accounts Rules by attending the half day course.  I have benefited a great deal by attending the course and it has given me the confidence and knowledge to implement new procedures in our firm."

 SRA Half Day, March 2016

"Fantastic course, excellent presentation, very knowledgeable lecturer. Easy friendly teaching style. Thoroughly enjoyable course would recommend without hesitation".

"Linda was an excellent tutor; very engaging and knowledgeable. I now have a much better understanding of the rules and how to apply them. Thank you!"

"Fun filled training day with so much to learn!"

SRA Accounts Rules, Feb 2016

"Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent training day yesterday".

"You managed to keep us all engaged and interested and that’s no easy task when the subject matter is VAT!  I have had very good feedback from the attendees who all feel the training was informative and useful and everybody gained knowledge (even if only the VAT equation is /6)".

"Once again Many Thanks". - Jackie Brown - Accounts Manager, Freeths. In-House Training Jan 2016

"Very in depth training that I feel clearly outlined how important the VAT rules are to our profession. Very well presented in a way that kept us engaged for the entire seminar".  29th Oct 2015

"I found the training very informative and helpful, and presented in an easy to take in manner.  It was useful to be able to discuss scenarios with others in my own situation".  21st Oct 2015

"Darren achieved the seemingly impossible task of making VAT interesting! His enthusiasm and expertise made me want to get back to the office to tackle those niggly VAT issues!" 20th Oct 2015

"I always find ILFM training very relevant to my employment role and meet people in the same situation. The Practice Management training has lots of interesting aspects which can't all be discussed with the time available, however, the comprehensive notes given allow for review of items discussed afterwards with plenty to consider. Sarah Charlton held our attention with ease and our group of 7 made it a comfortable, relaxed environment to compare how many various ways we all had of accomplishing similar goals".   20th Oct 2015

"Very helpful. I thought Linda Lambert was very good.  She is a bright, chirpy lady who made a rather dry, boring subject quite entertaining".  SRA Accounts Rules 2011, 25th Sept 2015 

"Yes, I certainly recommend this course to everyone".  SRA Accounts Rules 2011, 22nd Sept 2015 

"I found the training to be very useful as it covered relevant topics which affect the COFA.  A lot of COFA training is not very specific or focussed". 23rd June 2015

"I recently attended the ILFM’s course ‘Financial Management in the Legal Department’ with the excellent Lisa Dixon as trainer. I would encourage firms to send members of their accounts team on this course. Presented as well as Lisa did and with course content that is at exactly the right level for what is trying to be achieved. Firms should come away realising how important financial reporting is to the success of the business and how to calculate, produce and understand these reports".   Chris Cole - Onyx Accounting

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Practice Management Training as ILFM training is always well organised with fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable trainers.  I came away from the course motivated and inspired".  Laura Warner  - Orme and Slade Solicitors

"I recently attended the ‘VAT For Legal Accounting’ presented by Darren Whelan, this was an excellent course providing all the necessary information needed for dealing with VAT in a legal practice. Darren was informative and provided answers to many questions, the course notes pack provided by the ILFM has been invaluable. Thoroughly recommended course".  Nichola Baker - Senior Cashier, John Hodge Solicitors

"I attended the ‘Credit Management’ training and found Lisa Dixon very personable and knowledgeable on the subject. I left with a few key tips on helping our current situation as well as very good advice to prevent bad debts and felt comfort that I was not alone in the problems I face day to day.  I will look forward to attending more courses in the future". Catherine Hughes - Legal Cashier, Griffith Smith Conway Solicitors 

"I found the 'Credit Management' Training very useful and full of good information and tips.  The information provided was easy to follow and very well laid out.   I intend to bolster my firm's credit control processes and procedures, which will largely be helped by the information gained from the course".  Adam Benton - Accounts and Office Manager, Tassells Solicitors