ILFM Solicitors' Software Users Award

Each year ILFM Members are asked to feedback on the software they use every day by way of a survey response to choose an award winner. ** 

Once all the data is collected and results determined, an announcement is made and an award presented at a prestigious luncheon with many VIP guests from across the legal and finance sectors.

The winning software company is named as the current year's winner of the "ILFM Solicitors' Software Users Award"

The Winner for 2018 of the ILFM Solicitors' Software Users Award

Insight Legal (Insight Legal Software)

2nd Place - Indigo Financial Centre (Indigo Legal Systems Ltd),   3rd Place Liberate - (Linetime Ltd)

Previous Years' Winners

The feedback survey structure is as follows:

Contact Details

Tick box:

Confirm current ILFM Member

Confirm current user of the software.

Confirm completely independent and not connected in any way, apart from a normal customer/supplier relationship, with software owner/supplier.

Ranking of the following:  N/A,  1-10

Adequacy of Training

Usefulness of User Manual

Usefulness of Online help (Contextual Help buttons)

Ranking of the following:  N/A, 1-10

Ease of making postings

Bank reconciliations

Interest calculations

Compliance to SAR AR's

Month end routine procedure

VAT Return calculation

Compliance with Money Laundering Regulations

COFA compliance audit

Nominal postings

Bills postings

Ease of reporting generally

Customised reports


Reaction time to regulatory changes

Ranking of the following:

Help Desk Speed of Response

Immediate (10)  / 1-3 Hours (8)  / 4-6 Hours (6)  / Next Day(4)  / Longer (2)

Free Text comment box for feedback

**The ILFM continues to remain strictly impartial when asked about specific legal software suppliers. No recommendation or advice is provided.