Awards and Recognition

The success of our members is fundamental to the ILFM. We are very passionate about rewarding and recognising those members that have excelled in their exams. Many of our members have to juggle busy work lives as well as their studies which makes their achievement even more commendable.  

Wilfred Owen awards to the students who achieved the highest pass mark at each level

Part Diploma Award

2017 Samantha Norris 

Full Diploma Award

2017 Parwinder Kaur

Full Associate Award

2017 Eileen Harvey

2016 Janice Thompson

2015 Marian Yates

Part Associate Award

2017 Nichola Preston 

2016 Leanne Creevy

2015 Wendy Mayers​

Diploma Award

2016 Laura Cook

2015 Sally Siggers

Stuart Hattersley Award for the student under 25 years of age that achieves the highest mark in an exam.

2017 Hayley Taylor 

2016 Alexander Williams

2015 Amie Lawrance

ILFM Solicitors' Users Software Award

Voted by ILFM  Members

2017 Insight Legal

2016 Insight Legal

Aran Bowl

Awarded for dedication and service given unselfishly to forward the aims and objectives of the Institute.

2017 Sarah Charlton

2016 Richard Hill

2015 James Wright

2014 Margaret McDonald

2013 Dawn Chapman

2012 Stanley Bernard

2011 Richard Hill

2010 Dawn Chapman

2009 Dawn Chapman

2008 Sarah Charlton

2007 Stanley Bernard

2006 Alison Gorringe

2005 Stuart Hattersley

2004 Jane Braund

2003 Alison Gorringe

2002 Coral Joyce

2001 Stuart Hattersley

​2000 Candace Orr & Barry Hilton

1999 Irene Groves

1998 Candace Orr

1997 Barry Hilton

1996 Elaine Jenking

Chair of The Institute of Legal Finance & Management

Sue Williams 2015-2017

Richard Hill 2012-2015

Sarah Charlton 2010-2012

Chair of Institute of Legal Cashiers and Administrators

Dawn Chapman 2007-2010

Alison Gorringe 2004-2007

Barry Hilton 2003-2004

Stuart Hattersley 2002-2003

Jane Braund 2000-2002

Candy Orr 1998-2000

Pauline Oliver 1996-1998

Christine Raywood 1994-1996

Elaine Yarinakis 1993-1994

Penny Rota 1991-1992

Helen Melville-Smith 1990-1991

Brian Stroud 1989-1990

Brian Traer 1987-1989

Shelia Shackel 1985-1987

Tom Crossley 1983-1985

Barry Hilton 1980-1983

Martin Hajaj 1978-1980