ILFM Law Firm Software Users Award


Each year ILFM Members are asked to feedback on the software they use every day by way of a survey response to choose an award winner. ** 

Once all the data is collected, checked and results determined, it is independently verified and an award presented to the winners. 

The winning software company is named as the current year's winner of the "ILFM Law Firm Software Users Award"

The winner will receive:

• A prestigious award presented by the ILFM.
• The title "ILFM Law Firm Software Users Award Winner 2022"
• A full page advertisement in Legal Abacus free of charge.
• Recognition on the ILFM Website Awards & Recognition page.
• An update in Legal Abacus magazine.

For over 16 years now,  ILFM Members have been asked to feedback on their day-to-day use of software and to choose an award winner;  we are again asking ILFM Members to give us an honest view of their legal accounts software package. 

This year we have collaborated with the LSSA (Legal Software Suppliers Association) and thank them for their help and input.

With Thanks to Andrew Harris, Partner  Hazelwoods LLP for independent verification of data and results.

The feedback survey structure is as follows:

Contact Details

Tick box:

I confirm I am a current ILFM Member

I confirm I am a current user of the software selected above.

I confirm I am completely independent and not connected in any way, apart from a normal customer/supplier relationship, with software owner/supplier.

I understand the data collected will be collated and sorted based on the mean average scores and then will be independently checked and verified.  A minimum of 6 responses for each software supplier is required to be eligible for the Award.

I understand that the draw for £200 will be made randomly from non rejected responses.

Questions Include...

Do you find your software supplier approachable and straightforward to deal with?

Do you consider your Software Supplier to be ethical in their dealings with you?

How satisfied are you that your software supplier communicates new features and functions to you?

How satisfied are you that the software helps you carry out your roll in a compliant way and meet with your ethical and regulator’s requirements?

How likely is it that you would recommend this software? 

How satisfied are you with the ability to integrate other software with this software?

How satisfied are you with the QUALITY of how helpdesk/support calls/tickets are handled?

Overall, how well does the software meet your needs?


Previous Years' Winners

**The ILFM continues to remain strictly impartial when asked about specific legal software suppliers. No recommendation or advice is provided.