Training and Events

The ILFM has a wide range of training options for those wanting to learn and also keep up-to-date with the latest developments in Legal Finance and Practice Management.

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We currently run the following.  Click on any one to find out more info, dates and to book.

Cybercrime and Fraud Workshop - A half day workshop which explains some of the risks being faced and the latest threats.  It will offer useful tips and everyday solutions to reduce the risk of being a victim of fraud and cybercrime.  Increase your awareness to protect your clients and your business!

Credit Management – This is a one day training covering the complete revenue cycle within a solicitors’ practice with the aim of maximising cash and so profit.

SRA Accounts Rules 2011 – a one day training day providing a full review of the SRA Accounts Rules 2011; particularly valuable for those new to legal finance or anyone who has not undertaken Accounts Rules training in the last three years.

Half Day – a half day practical training covering some of the main provisions of the SRA accounts rules 2011; particularly useful as a refresher for those more familiar with the rules including experienced legal finance staff, solicitors, fee earners, administrative and cash office personnel.

COFA Training – Two half day workshops dedicated to the compliance role of COFA. Available as a whole day or attendees can choose to attend either one of the half day sessions. Whether you are being appointed as a COFA, a member of an accounts team or supporting the COFA in their role you will find these workshops valuable.

COFA - A Practical View, Half-day Workshop – Useful as a refresher for COFAs or those supporting the COFA, this half day training takes a practical look at some of the issues faced by COFAs on a daily basis, including materiality testing and what to consider when categorising breaches.

VAT for Legal Accounting - a one day training designed specifically for those in legal practice or management providing guidance and practical advice about key aspects of VAT compliance including treatment of disbursements.

Practice Management – a one day training offering practical advice and guidance in making your practice more profitable by increasing fees, reducing bad debts using proven methods, the efficient use of capital, increasing motivation and best practice to achieve good management.

Financial Management in the Legal Department - a one day training designed to provide practical advice and guidance for all those responsible for maintaining and managing the accounts of a solicitors’ practice.

Introduction to the Legal Finance Department - particularly suitable for anyone new to legal finance, this one day training looks at double entry bookkeeping and understanding the fundamentals of legal cashiering.