(Don't) Lock up your cash

(1 Hours CPD) From just £85


How much is 30 days’ cash worth to your firm?  

Understanding your firm’s lock-up and cashflow is vital for good financial management and viability. This training provides clarity and guidance on how cash is generated in law firms, what lock-up is, and practical solutions on increasing your firm’s bank balance.  

Who is it for? 

Those in legal finance or law firm management, who require training on lock-up and cashflow management.  This one-hour session is also perfect if you are new to your role in legal finance or require a refresher on the subject. 

What will it cover? 
  • Why is cashflow and lock-up management important? 
  • Profit vs Cash 
  • How to calculate lock-up and the impact of reducing it   
  • Compliance requirements 
  • Practical solutions to improve cashflow into your firm 

1 hour of CPD training applicable.