Legal Practice Management - Strategy, Leadership & Finance

(3 Hours CPD) From just £165

"I would highly recommend the ILFM interactive introductory online sessions. They are fantastic and really get you thinking about your every duties and responsibilities from new angles for your personal and teams development" Kieran Egan, Practice Manager Adkirk Law

This training is designed to provide you with practical advice, tools to handle the most difficult situations and the opportunity to discuss challenges.
Who is it for?

Practice Managers

What will you gain?
The training will:
  • enable you to develop your knowledge as part of your educational pathway, and support your career development
  • get you thinking, developing expertise and innovation
  • provide practical advice from a highly experienced former Managing Partner with hands on knowledge of the challenges faced in any management role
  • give you an opportunity to network with like minded colleagues and increase your professional connections

What will it cover?

  • Starting from the right place
  • Contents - what to include
  • A ‘how to’ guide for pulling it all together
  • Stress testing your strategy
Leadership & Management
  • What is it?
  • A model of law firm culture
  • Emotional intelligence, your personality profile and its impact
  • 9 attributes of the best firms
  • How do law firms make money?
  • ‘Good’ management information
  • 3 key rules
  • Why jobs go wrong