SRA Accounts Rules

(3 Hours CPD) From just £150

"I would highly recommend the ILFM interactive introductory online sessions. They are fantastic and really get you thinking about your every duties and responsibilities from new angles for your personal and teams development" Kieran Egan, Practice Manager Adkirk Law.

This training will provide an outline and review of the SRA Accounts Rules. 

Who is it for?

This training will be valuable for all those looking for an introduction to the rules and anyone working in legal finance, whether as cashier or senior management role.

What will you gain?

This course will compare the new rules to the old rules and explain the potential implications for law firms. The training will cover the key aspects of the new rules to consider and what the change from the previous 52 rules to only 13 new rules means in reality.

What will it cover?

The new rules allow more flexibility but also require law firms to make their own judgements and decisions on protecting client money. The training therefore has an emphasis on the practical application of the rules, best practice to help law firms to be compliant and will address issues that have emerged from the new rules/guidance that has been subsequently released.

The training will involve everyday scenarios, case studies and practical guidance.

Speaker/Trainer: Darren Whelan - view Test