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Legal Ombudsman LeO important notice - change of address

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The Legal Ombudsman is changing its postal address with effect from Monday 22 January 2024.

The Legal Ombudsman’s new postal address will be:

Legal Ombudsman
PO Box 6167

Why is change important for your firm's admin?

Law firms are required to publish this new address from 22 January 2024 on all of your complaints handling documents, which include:

  • website complaints procedure
  • client care letters or terms and conditions
  • complaints handling letters 

Do check with your colleagues, partners and marketing colleagues that these changes need to be published correctly otherwise the firm will be in breach of LeO’s requirements as well as the SRA Transparency Rules. As you will be aware, the SRA can now issue fixed financial penalties for Transparency Rules breaches, so best practice is to update everything ASAP in time for the postal address change on 22 January.

A redirection for all mail being sent to the Legal Ombudsman’s previous address will remain in place for three months, ending on 16 April 2024 to allow sufficient time for all updates to be carried out.

Not sure to the extent of your specific firm's complaints' handing procedures or letters, you can email LeO directly at their email address here:

As a reminder, the  three key principles which underpin LeO’s position are:

  • A client should never be surprised by the bill they receive from their lawyer;
  • If a service provider intends – now or in the future – to charge their client for something, they should tell the client clearly, as soon as they reasonably can; and
  • Service providers should keep clear and accurate records of all the cost information they provide, including any confirmation from the client that they understand what they will be charged.

LeO's website's page with linked handy articles can be found HERE.