In-House Training

The ILFM offers in-house training on any of the topics covered in our seminars.

"Sarah was a superb trainer.  She managed to get the whole team, irrespective of experience, engaged in the course with plenty of difficult scenarios to get us all thinking and debating.   I thought this was particularly good considering we had such a mixed team…a couple  had only just started their career and had only been working with us for a few weeks straight from college.  I wouldn’t hesitate in asking for additional training from Sarah – she had a wealth of knowledge on the subject".

In-house training can be a cost effective method of training groups of staff and finance personnel in familiar surroundings as well as a saving by avoiding travelling costs and time. This training is more productive for a firm as it gives delegates the opportunity to discuss issues in relation to the firm and its requirements, offering a confidential learning environment as well as delivering a consistent firm wide message.

The trainer(s) will be on hand to advise on specific questions and scenarios. Discussing as a group raises awareness and quickens the learning process amongst colleagues and senior management.

We can also tailor our in-house training to cover bespoke areas in legal accounting and management. Our expert trainers will tailor the course to the firms bespoke requirements and can cover particular areas e.g. systems, procedures, advice on areas of compliance etc.

Our fees are simple and offer value without the disruption of sending staff out to external providers. Further information is detailed in the document attached below.

For bookings please contact Christina Bowler -