Exam Preparation Days

The ILFM offers Exam Preparation Days for all correspondence course topics. The exam preparation days are vital as they do provide exam techniques to enable you to break down a question and pick up some easy marks as well as additional practice questions not available in the standard package.  It is also an opportunity for face to face tutoring where you can ask any questions you may have regarding the exam.

"The tutor was great, very down to earth, and it was good to meet other students. The group size was just about right. I paid for the session myself and it was well worth it."

 13 Oct 2017

"I would recommend it as it brings up ways of scoring extra marks which might not have occurred to you and is highly recommended generally."

13 Oct 2017

"..tailored the day for our needs and did not make me feel inadequate at any point. I am so glad I attended. Fingers crossed I now pass."

12 Oct 2017


Exam Preparation Days: (Included on current standard & previous 'Gold' package,  otherwise £125)


Diploma Paper One (Legal Bookkeeping/Bookkeeping for Legal Finance Professionals):  MANCHESTER - Saturday 23rd March 2019     LONDON - Saturday 30th March 2019  

Diploma Paper Two (Legal Professionals & the Accounts Rules):   MANCHESTER - Saturday 9th March 2019    LONDON - Saturday 16th March 2019

All students need to register for the Exam Preparation day, even if included in your package. 

Please book your exam preparation day here - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/the-institute-of-legal-finance-and-management-7916205239


Associate (the format of the session may vary depending on numbers):  

Associate Paper One (Accounting): Saturday 13th April 2019, TBC. Please contact helen@ilfm.org.uk 

Associate Paper Two (Financial Management):  Please contact helen@ilfm.org.uk 

Associate Paper Three (Legal Practice Management): Saturday 6th April, TBC.  Please contact helen@ilfm.org.uk  

All students need to register for the Exam Preparation day, even if included in your package.

Please book your exam preparation session here - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/the-institute-of-legal-finance-and-management-7916205239