Exam Preparation Sessions


The ILFM offers Exam Preparation Sessions for all correspondence course topics. The exam preparation sessions are vital as they do provide exam techniques to enable you to break down a question and pick up some easy marks as well as additional practice questions.  It is also an opportunity for face to face tutoring, via Zoom, where you can ask any questions you may have regarding the exam.

"I would recommend it as it brings up ways of scoring extra marks which might not have occurred to you and is highly recommended generally". 13 Oct 2017

Exam Preparation Sessions: for November 2024 exam sitting

Note: You should book the exam prep session(s) only if you are intending to sit this current exam sitting.

Atrtending one set of exam prep sessions is included in the course fee. For resits there is a fee to attend again


Diploma Certificate D1 - Bookkeeping for Legal Finance Professionals:  
Two online Zoom sessions - you should attend both sessions if you can 
Session One - 10 September @10:00 
  • Exam structure and presentation, 6 categories – assets, liabilities etc, trial balance, inputting and understanding of wages, Section A exam pointers.
Session Two - 11 September @10:00 
  • Bank reconciliation, VAT and VAT Return, Section B, presentation and exam tips.
Diploma Certificate D2 - Legal Finance Compliance & Accounts Rules: 
Two online Zoom sessions - you should attend both sessions if you can 
Session One - 17 September @10:00 
  • SRA Accounts Rules
Session Two - 19 September @10:00
  • Exam structure & presentation, ledger sheets, transactional questions, completion statements, interest & deposits, bookkeeping presentation & technique

Those students intending to sit the exam this sitting need to register for the Exam Preparation Session(s), even if you are unable to attend live. You should attend the exam prep session(s) taking place prior to the exam sitting you are intending on taking. 


Please contact helen@ilfm.org.uk for the Associate exam prep sessions

All sessions are via Zoom 
Associate Certificate AA - Accounting for Legal Finance Professionals - TBA
Associate Certificate AFM - Financial Management -  TBA
Associate Certificate ALPM - Legal Practice Management - TBA
Associate Certificate ATAX - Tax for Legal Finance Professionals  - TBA

All exam candidates need to register for the Exam Preparation session, even if included in your package.

If you are unsure whether payment is required please contact helen@ilfm.org.uk

Q - I note that these will be recorded, do I still need to register or will details be sent to me direct?

A - Please still register so that we know who to send the recording to and also for GDPR reasons, the recording will be sent to registered participants only.