Scholarship & Funding Assistance

The ILFM is pleased to offer a limited number of Scholarships & Member Sponsorship opportunities each year and some funding assistance.

Iceberg Scholarships.


Qualifications - Training - Membership

Iceberg, one of the leading providers of practice finance to law firms across the UK, has welcomed the opportunity to support the professional development of legal students by funding the latest ILFM scholarships.

Michael Stevenson, Managing Director of Iceberg, said:

“At Iceberg, we are passionate about bringing out the best in our workforce through further learning so we are delighted to do the same in the legal sector by sponsoring the latest ILFM scholarships.

We work with many law firms, so partnering with the ILFM on this worthwhile project was a perfect fit as we offer its members the opportunity to learn and grow in their role or become further qualified.

Iceberg knows only too well that encouraging professional development and knowledge is one of the most important benefits a business can give its people.”

Iceberg provides practice finance to UK law firms and welcomes the opportunity of working with law firms who offer exceptional service and who give sound professional advice. 

This funding is provided to firms of all sizes, is easy to apply for and applications are usually turned around in 48 hours.  The loans are unsecured, supplementary to bank facilities and come with flexible repayment terms.

Working closely with Resolution - the membership organisation that represents matrimonial lawyers - Iceberg has also developed an innovative and simple to use litigation finance facility for matrimonial clients.  It also provides loans for IHT and other fees in probate situations.

The ILFM has a generous budget each year that we can use at our discretion to help ILFM Members with ILFM Qualification Courses, ILFM One Day Trainings etc.

If you would like to apply for an opportunity please contact the ILFM CEO directly. 

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Barry Hilton Scholarship


Barry Hilton was one of the founders of the Institute and one of his passions was the education and advancement of legal accounting staff.

Barry was responsible for writing many of the Institute’s original courses and seminars along with being a dedicated tutor. He became Honorary President in 2003 but sadly died after a short illness in 2006.

The Barry Hilton Scholarship is a permanent dedication reminding us all of his work and beliefs in the advancement of legal cashiers and accounting. Not just an award that would mark a success, such as the Wilfred Owen Award for the highest pass marks in our examinations, but a way of helping legal accounts staff, at all levels, raise standards and advance themselves.

We do one scholarship each year so please apply and we will put the application forward for the next award. Again, we plan not to award just one large grant but to fund several smaller requests. So, if you have a desire to take a training course (be it for a day, a year, or more), and your budget won’t stretch or your employer is not in a position to fund the training, then we want to hear from YOU.

How to apply?

You can either nominate yourself or be nominated by a colleague. Completed forms must be emailed to by the closing date of 31st October each year. Please note, all reasonable requests will be considered by the Executive Council and although we would obviously recommend our own courses we will judge each application on its own merits and your reason for applying.

Watch this space for more details to come....


The only provisions for application for the award are that:

  • You must be a member of the ILFM.
  • The course must be for personal development and advancement in legal and accounting fields. (These do not have to be ILFM Courses)
  • You must be willing for your progress to be tracked in the Legal Abacus magazine.
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