CILEx Regulation Courses

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This level is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge for accounts and financial management. It has been mapped against and meets the CILEx Regulation accounts requi​rements, which you must meet to be a manager in an entity regulated by CILEx Regulation.

Level 1 – this course delivers the competencies CILEx Regulation requires of all managers in an entity.  More...

Level 2a - this builds on the knowledge and skills gained from Level 1 to be able to support commercial decisions and good financial hygiene.

Course Fees:

Level 1

CILEx Level 1 can be taken as a whole course or as individual units.

- Units taken individually £45

- Level One all 14 Units £495 (this represents a discount of over 20%)

If you take the entire CILEx Level 1 then we will include 2 years membership Free of Charge. Click here for more details on ILFM Membership and how we can add value to you.

Level 2

CILEx Level 2 is taken as individual units.

- Units individually £45


We estimate, depending on how fast you wish to work, that each Unit could take 1-2 Days (7-14 hours) to complete. All units need to have been completed within 2 years of signing up for the course.

A minimum 50% pass mark is required for each individual unit. In the event of unsuccessfully achieving the required pass mark we can provide you with an alternative assignment and you may re-submit. Cost of a unit for re-submission is reduced to £30. 

To see further details of the Units and Course Contents follow this link 

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