Why Study with the ILFM?

The ILFM offers a clearly defined professional career path for those wishing to gain qualifications in legal finance and practice management.

For useful tips, feedback and advice from one of our award winning students, please click on this article link - Advice for Working and Studying at the same time (posted 11/4/23)

93% of our students responding to a recent survey said "Yes, absolutely" would recommend our courses to others. Nov 2022

"I would highly recommend taking any ILFM course, the support I have had to help me understand what I am doing better is outstanding. For someone who things don't quite click straight away, the way the course is set out helps me to understand things that much easier and if I don't understand, the tutor guides me through until I do." KC, Stafford Nov 2022

Tuition for the ILFM's Diploma and Associate examinations is available through correspondence courses, with students supported by a dedicated tutor providing guidance, advice and feedback on coursework papers.

For those that don’t have the time to attend college or training courses, correspondence course offer a flexible option to fit around your working and personal life. You can study when you want and at your own leisure.

ILFM membership is a requirement for study.

Diploma Course

The Diploma course has two papers, Bookkeeping for Legal Finance Professionals & Legal Finance Compliance & Accounts Rules, which together provide a sound comprehensive and practical knowledge of the maintenance of a law firm’s internal records and to meet compliance with regulatory accounts rules. More...

Associate Courses

The Associate courses have 4 topics, Accounting, Financial Management, Legal Practice Management and Tax. Only students who have successfully completed the Diploma can enrol for any of the Associate topics. To achieve the Associate level 3 topics need to be completed including Accounting & Financial Management. You can choose from Tax or Legal Practice Management More...


The ILFM are dedicated to driving innovation, education and the promotion of excellence throughout the legal sector for financial and practice management staff, with structured courses and qualifications to provide a career path in legal finance and practice management.

The Fellowship is the Institutes highest qualification and only eligible to full associate level members. The qualification is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and ability to research and analyse a chosen subject within the legal profession. More...

CPD Accreditation

ILFM correspondence courses have been approved for accreditation under the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme.