ILFM - Law Firm Software Suppliers Guide 2023

Welcome to the ILFM’s Law Firm Software Suppliers Guide 2023. As we see our membership community grow and thrive, we can gather more insights and data by surveying and researching what our members and their firms’ requirements in tech are. From the perspective as the Chief Executive, I am able to capture the sense of support and openness from everyone who is supporting law firms with their software, and knowing we can impart totally independent guidance is reassuring.

As the impact of Covid19 has now moved on to new challenges with inflation and interest rates, different working patterns and the wider concerns on the impact of war in Europe, our lives are changing so dramatically. I would recommend all our members to take part in our Member Network, whether that’s jumping on a virtual member meeting, attending our conferences, or just meeting up with peers in your local coffee shop. The ILFM wants to continually enable our members to be part of a bigger team, with the support and recognition that goes with that.

It won’t surprise you that software is always a hot topic of conversation. Our monthly virtual member meetings are the perfect opportunity to join in these discussions. They are a safe and confidential place to share your challenges, ask recommendations from fellow members, clarify situations that you think are right, but just need that peer nod, as well as a place to feedback any queries to the ILFM team so we can continue these conversations with the software companies on your behalf.

The three key areas within tech and software we are seeing are:

  • Cloud-based software and security back up
  • Hybrid working continues – the shift with software to dovetail this model
  • Culture – communication is key for an effective working environment

Our Law Firm Software Suppliers Guide 2023 is the perfect resource to research the market. Some 
members have told us they are happy with their software choice, for others the decision as to which 
software to invest in has been down to the solicitors (i.e. some frustration with finance/support 
side of a law firm!), others are intrigued to know more about different packages and what they have 
to offer.

The conclusion of member chats is that they would love software providers to be:

  • Truthful and transparent;
  • Excellent with after sales communication and account handling; and
  • Flexible about any additional features that could be built to adapt to the law firm’s finance requirements and future possible change.

Kevin Horlock is the CEO of the Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA). Do take your time to digest Kevin’s foreword, which talks about ‘your openness to investing in technology’. We really appreciate the support and collaboration of the LSSA on this publication. 

As the professional body for legal cashiers, law firm accounts' managers, compliance officers for finance & administration (COFAs), practice managers, sole practitioners, finance directors and further support teams, we value your membership and look forward to seeing you either virtually or in person soon.

Tim Kidd
Chief Executive

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