The ILFM Examinations

Examinations are held twice a year, in Spring and Autumn, normally in London, Manchester & Cardiff. 

As this may not be convenient for everyone, it should be noted that it is also possible for candidates to arrange to sit the examination at a local college/school (or other suitable venue), contact the ILFM office for further details.

To register for the next exam - once the next sitting is available use the links below to the relevant event pages, please contact the office if you have any problems making your booking or if you are unsure whether the fee applies.  

ALL students, whatever package you are on, need to register for the exam before the closing date.  You also need to be a fully paid member in order to sit the exam. 

Next Examination date:  Monday 21st December 2020 (bookings are closed)

Following the latest lockdown decision we have postponed the exams on the 9th Nov and have rescheduled to the date as above.

Please note that we are moving this exam sitting to smaller local venues

  • ILFM Diploma Paper D1: Bookkeeping for Legal Finance Professionals Exam £90
  • ILFM Diploma Paper OLD D2:  Legal Professionals and the Accounts Rules Exam £90 
  • ILFM Diploma Paper NEW D2 : Legal Finance Compliance & Accounts Rules Exam £90 
  • ILFM Associate Exams - A1, A2, A3 & A4: £90 per paper

The exam fee will apply to re-sits and those on the old bronze package, otherwise it is included in the original fee paid.

The last planned exam sitting for the original 2nd Diploma - Legal Professionals & the Accounts Rules course, will be November 2020, a re-sit opportunity will be available (details to be confirmed).  If you would like to arrange a transfer to the new course based on the new rules, please contact us.

This does not apply to the new D2 course (Legal Finance Compliance & Accounts Rules) - the first exam for the new course will be in November 2020.

We have been working on options to try and make the exams as safe and as accessible as possible, for you, given the current on-going circumstances.  The examination centres we are now using are as follows:

Birmingham- Pitman Training Birmingham, Suite 16B Mclaren Building, Priory Queensway, Birmingham B4 7LR
Cambridge- Pitman Training Cambridge, 2nd Floor St Andrews House, 59 St Andrews Street, Cambridge CB2 3BZ
Cardiff- Pitman Training Cardiff, 2nd Floor, 1-7 Castle Street, Cardiff CF10 1BS
City EC2- Pitman Training City EC2, Salisbury House, London Wall, EC2M 5QQ
Leeds- Pitman Training Leeds, Leeds Media Centre, 21 Saville Mount, Leeds, LS7 3HZ
Maidstone- The Master's House, College Road, Maidstone ME15 6YF
Manchester- Pitman Training Manchester, 2nd Floor, Richmond House, Bloom Street, Manchester, M1 3HZ. Limited availability. Not available for the December reschedule
Newcastle- Pitman Training Newcastle. Not available for the December reschedule
Nottingham- Pitman Training Nottingham, Suite 50-51 Westminster Building, Theatre Square, Nottingham NG1 6LG
Southampton- Pitman Training Southampton, The Gallery, 1st Floor, 31 Eastgate Street, Southampton SO14 3HB
Watford- Pitman Training Watford, Meridien House, 69-71 Clarendon Road, Watford WD17 1DS


The timings of the exams are to be confirmed (depending on numbers) and could be morning or afternoon at the moment.

Please be advised..
  • The centres are unseen so the ILFM cannot guarantee the facilities - however we have found Pitman to be of a good standard when we have used them. Social distancing measures will apply and face coverings worn.
  • There are other Pitman Training Centres available, but you would need to book those yourself and cover the appropriate fees - normal local venue rule apply.
  • Candidates must arrange local venues themselves, the local venue guidelines are attached at the bottom of this page.  Please contact for further information.

All candidates (All Inclusive, Gold, Silver and Barry Hilton Scholarship etc) must still register for the exam.  All registered candidates will receive confirmation of their registration after the cut off date along with their candidate number.

Each application will be considered on an individual basis, your application should include details of the disability, your requirements and supporting medical evidence. Applications should be made in addition to the exam enrolment booking and should be sent no later than the enrolment deadline for the exam sitting you wish to apply for. The ILFM will make every endeavour to accommodate your needs.

Unlike many organisations, admission to the higher grades of membership is by ILFM Qualification only. To this end, the ILFM has its own structured examination scheme. Because of the varied ages and backgrounds of those joining the ILFM, there are no formal requirements for embarking on the following examination route:

The Diploma, Paper One - Bookkeeping for Legal Finance Professionals & Paper Two - Legal Professionals and Accounts Rules/Legal Finance Compliance & Accounts Rules - These are 3-hour examinations and are intended to test the immediate working knowledge of the office environment.

The Associate, (three mandatory parts) For Diploma Members only - This is designed to test career students on a deeper understanding of the many legal and accounting topics they will meet in working life.  Each Associate certificate is a 3-hour examination.

The Fellowship, (by thesis and presentation) - This is the ILFM's highest qualification.  Further information can be found by selecting the Fellowship link from links listed on the left of this page.

ILFM Examination passes are graded as:
Pass 50%+
Merit 75%+
Distinction 90%+

To ensure standards are always the highest, the ILFM Examination Board includes an external examiner from the College of Law.

The Fellowship is graded as a pass with 50%+, a merit with 65%+ and a distinction is 80%+.

Future exam dates:
Monday, 21st December 2020  (TBC)
Monday, 10 May 2021
Monday, 8 November 2021