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All of our online training is live and interactive enabling you to liaise and pose questions if you wish to our experienced experts during the broadcast, or just sit back and watch.
"The training was excellent, much clearer now than via other training we have had.”
"I was impressed with the webinar on Disbursements/Recharges and found it very informative and have watched different parts of it a few times. It has been so helpful to be able to watch the webinar a few times.  I watched it with the partners and we kept pausing it so we could discuss and make notes on different points!" Jane Woodhouse, Marshalls Solicitors - February 2020


Cash IS King (1 Hour CPD)  From just £75 

Cash flow may seem deceptively simple, but in the current climate, small businesses everywhere are struggling with it. Whether it is adjusting to disruption, planning for change or diversification, having a firm grasp of the figures and cash throughout is sound practice for good financial management.

In this session we will look at:

  • Budgets and cash-flow
  • How to monitor and use them
  • Stress testing
  • Collection and conservation of cash

SRA Accounts Rules: An Introduction to the Changes (1 Hour CPD)  From just £75 

This session focuses on the changes to the rules, which allow more flexibility but also require law firms to make their own professional judgement and decisions on protecting client money. The training therefore has an emphasis on the practical application of the new rules and best practice to help law firms to remain compliant. 

Disbursement vs Recharge (1 Hour CPD) From just £75 

This session focuses on the correct treatment of disbursements for VAT purposes and recharged overheads. The training therefore has an emphasis on the practical application of both HMRC’sand the SRA definition of disbursement to help law firms to remain compliant. The training will look at recent case law and enable law firms to easily identify what is and what isn’t a disbursement for VAT purposes.

New SRA Accounts Rules Training (3 Hours CPD) From just £150

This training will provide an outline and review of the new SRA Accounts Rules 2019. 

Who is it for?

This training will be valuable for all those looking for an introduction to the new rules and anyone working in legal finance, whether as cashier or senior management role.

What will you gain?

This course will compare the new rules to the old rules and explain the potential implications for law firms. The training will cover the key aspects of the new rules to consider and what the change from the previous 52 rules to only 13 new rules means in reality.

What will it cover?

The new rules allow more flexibility but also require law firms to make their own judgements and decisions on protecting client money. The training therefore has an emphasis on the practical application of the rules and best practice to help law firms to be compliant.

The training will involve everyday scenarios, case studies and practical guidance.

VAT for Legal Accounting (3 Hours CPD) From just £150 

Who is it for?

Those in legal practice or management, providing guidance and practical advice about key aspects of VAT compliance including treatment of disbursements.

What will you gain?

  • Confidence that you are prepared for a VAT inspection
  • Assertion that your accounting procedures are in order and are correct from a compliance perspective
  • Information to ensure you are fully compliant and up to date in accordance with the VAT Act 1994

What will it cover?

  • Types of supply
  • Time of Supply and Tax Points
  • VAT rate change
  • Accounting for VAT
  • Reverse Charge
  • Bad Debt Relief
  • When to Account for VAT
  • How to Correct Errors
  • Disbursement -v- Recharge
  • Place of Supply
  • VAT Invoices/Bills etc

The Fundamentals of Legal Cashiering (3 Hours CPD) From just £150

This highly informative session will look at legal cashiering, an introduction to legal finance and how it all fits within the legal practice. The session will be interesting and engaging and will include lots of discussions and practical examples.

Who is it for?

Particularly suitable for anyone new to legal finance, this one day training looks at double entry bookkeeping and understanding the fundamentals of legal cashiering.

What will you gain?

  • Understanding of how to maintain books of account on a double entry principle
  • Deeper knowledge of Client and Office Transactions
  • Operating and reconciliation of Petty Cash

What will it cover?

  • Double Entry Bookkeeping
  • Client and Office Accounts
  • SRA Accounts Rules
  • Banking
  • Software
  • The Annual Audit


Bespoke Online Training

We can also tailor our online training to cover bespoke areas in legal accounting and management. Our expert trainers will tailor the course to your firms bespoke requirements and can cover particular areas e.g. systems, procedures, advice on areas of compliance etc.

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The ILFM is UK’s leading membership organisation in the legal sector that provides a range of services designed exclusively for legal finance professionals and legal management professionals, such as Legal Cashiers, Accounts Managers, Compliance Officers for Finance and Administration (COFA's), Practice Managers and Finance Directors, as well as Sole Practitioners who deal with these roles.

Our Online Training

All of our online training is live and interactive, enabling you to liaise and pose questions to our experienced experts during the broadcast. All of the experts have worked, or work in legal practice, dealing with all aspects of legal finance, enabling them to share their in-depth knowledge and experience in compliance areas such as the changes to the new SRA Accounts Rules or the dreaded Disbursements and VAT topic.

They are broadcast live from 10am, 11am and 3pm on the advertised dates and can be continuously replayed for 30 days after broadcast. You will receive an automated email with the replay link once the webinar has concluded.

Why attend online training?

We appreciate that attending half and full-day classroom style workshops is not always possible or convenient and that they can involve additional costs such as travelling costs or impact on time. Our live interactive training mean you can obtain CPD training without having to leave the comfort of your desk.

Upon completion of the online training, you will be presented with a set of multiple choice questions to demonstrate your understanding. You are required to obtain a 75% pass rate in order to obtain the CPD points and certificate. If you score below that mark, we will provide advice and guidance on additional courses and training workshops you can take to further your knowledge.