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Have a go at one of our online tests to see if you need to attend additional training. All of the tests are multiple choice questions and are either 5 or 10 questions in length. You get ONE* attempt for each - don't waste it!

Test/Quiz Name

 No. of Questions

  Ave. ScoreTestBook Training
Billing within Legal Practice10  4/10HEREHERE 
COFA Masterclass107/10HEREHERE
SRA Accounts Rules 201910 6/10HEREHERE 
VAT for Legal Accounting105/10HEREHERE
Legal Practice Management104/10HEREHERE
Fundamentals of Legal Cashiering105/10HEREHERE
Disbursement -v- Recharge53/5HEREHERE
SRA Accounts Rules: The Changes & the Implications52/5HEREHERE
Cash is King52/5 HEREHERE


You can also take a randomly generated test, below. This test contains 10 randomly generated questions

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