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Membership Survey - What has the ILFM ever done for us? Win £150 Amazon Gift Card

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It is very important to us that we continually offer value to our Members. We also don’t want to be guilty of thinking we know all the answers, so we wanted to ask and find out from you. 

This will help us understand more why Members join and renew with us, also explore what outcomes you expected from the ILFM and what outcomes you achieved. We will use this information to ensure we focus more on helping you achieve what you want and need from us. 

One of my favourite tips is “Find out what your Members LOVE, and do that”

As I am asking for more than just tick boxes and encourage you to give me your thoughts as comments and text, we are offering ILFM Members a £150 Amazon Gift Card, as a prize, drawn from all completed entries. It should only take you a few minutes. 

So, what has the ILFM ever done for you….? 

Click here to complete the survey 

Thank you for your help,

Tim Kidd
Chief Executive

Prize Draw for a £150 Amazon Gift Card - all completed surveys entered.*

*Your Name and Email is required to enter you into the prize draw - We will check data against membership records to see we have everything up to date -  your other responses will be kept confidential to all but the CEO for the purposes of collating the survey results and any data used will be anonymised.