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The Rules have been whittled down to just 13, with the focus on safety of client money. 


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Legal Abacus Journal Special Edition

The SRA have provided us with an outline of the key principles firms need to focus on, and the ILFM have gathered experts from far and wide to give advice, clarification and some all-important check lists for the coming changes.

We hope that this special issue will provide something for each and every one of our readers and I
would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed.

We have made this special edition open to all, normally Legal Abacus is an ILFM Member benefit and is published six times a year available in printed format or available online.



ILFM training will provide an outline and review of the SRA Accounts Rules, as published by the SRA and approved by the Legal Services Board.

Our experienced trainers all work in practice and deal with the Accounts Rules on a daily basis, so can give in-depth knowledge and important guidance on the new rules to take back to your firms.

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In-House Bespoke Training

In-house training can be a cost-effective method of training groups of staff and finance personnel in familiar surroundings as well as a saving by avoiding travelling costs and time. This training is more productive for a firm as it gives delegates the opportunity to discuss issues in relation to the firm and its requirements, offering a confidential learning environment as well as delivering a consistent firm-wide message.

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