The essential guide to understanding cyber-attacks on law firms

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This essential guide explains how cyber-attacks happen and highlights the weaknesses that are exploited by attackers. The guide contains seven scenarios that run through simulations giving law firms a unique perspective from the point of view of the firm and also the attacker giving readers a better understanding how these attacks actually happen. Each scenario provides useful tips on how to prevent these attacks on law firms and client money.

Who should read this?

Management executives, compliance officers, managing partners, business/practice managers, legal cashiers, accounting and finance staff, IT personnel and heads of risk, compliance and operations.

Why read this?

Whilst you aware of cyber-attacks, have you ever thought “how do these cyber-attacks actually happen?”

Attackers view - by reading the simulations and seeing it through the eyes of the attacker you will learn how these cyber-attacks actually happen and the steps attackers go through to mount an attack.

Law firms view – you will understand the weaknesses’ of law firms that leave them vulnerable to attack or how good procedures can avoid and prevent your firm being a victim of a fraudulent attack.



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