Financial Management (Associate Level)

Objective:  The Financial Management Course certificate is intended to help improve your financial management skills and enhance the contribution you can make to the success of your firm.  It focuses on the skills of three areas: profitability, working capital and using information to improve your financial understanding.

The ILFM wants to support financial managers with their personal business development and our online study subjects will help you gain and evidence the associate level in management. You will learn the many principles of financial management and the ILFM method of training will conclude with successful completion aiding your professional career.

Contents of the Financial Management Course:

  • Tutorial 1  Financial Management – what are we aiming for?
  • Tutorial 2  Understanding Profitability
  • Tutorial 3  Profitability KPIs
  • Tutorial 4  Analysing Profitability within the Firm
  • Tutorial 5  Forecasting - Budgets
  • Tutorial 6  Understanding the Cost Base of Your Firm and the Minimum Fees Needed
  • Tutorial 7  Working Capital
  • Tutorial 8  Working Capital KPIs
  • Tutorial 9  Managing Working Capital and Forecasting the Bank Position with a Cash Flow Projection
  • Tutorial 10  Management Accounts and Partner Reports
  • Tutorial 11 LLPs an Introduction

Each tutorial contains self test questions and an assignment to be submitted for marking. Students of ILFM courses are helped with our efficient study guides and supportive principles, enabling each and everyone one the ability to learn whilst working.

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All Inclusive Coursework and Examination Fee:  £495

You are given 18 months to complete the coursework and enter for the exam (each course can be completed sooner).  Please check if you are entitled to any exemptions by holding other relevant qualifications. 


  • Full access to online course material (for 18 months)
  • Dedicated ILFM tutor, inc one-to-one support
  • Access to students forum
  • Employer updates (if required)
  • Individual Study Plan
  • Full access to student resources online

Exam Preparation

  • Dedicated ILFM tutor (one-to-one support)
  • Sample examination Paper/Questions
  • Exam preparation session (format may vary)
  • Exam preparation material
  • Employer updates (if required)


  • One Examination Entry Fee included (students wishing to take the exam locally will be required to pay any additional costs incurred)
  • You are expected to sit the exam either within the 18 months given or shortly thereafter

Investments into your studies have an affordable price as the ILFM is an organisation based on membership, learning, development, and offering accredited certificates and diplomas. Each and every exceptional review we receive highlights the learning hours through dedicated and specialist tutors, together with our free forum support. We are proud of our professionalism and if you would like to speak to us as an introduction into how your qualifications via the ILFM can help your overall financial business career, then please contact us and we will be more than happy to chat through the course.