Tax for Legal Finance Professionals (Associate Level)


 Contents of the course:

Tutorial 1 – Income Tax
Tutorial 2 – Employment income
Tutorial 3 – Trading income
Tutorial 4 – Capital allowances
Tutorial 5 – National insurance contributions (NIC) and stamp duty
Tutorial 6 – Capital Gain Tax (CGT)
Tutorial 8 – Corporation Tax
Tutorial 9 – Value Added Tax (1)
Tutorial 10 – VAT (2)


All Inclusive Coursework and Examination Fee:  £495

You are given 18 months to complete the coursework and enter for the exam (each course can be completed sooner).  Please check if you are entitled to any exemptions by holding other relevant qualifications. 


  • Full access to online course material (for 18 months)
  • Dedicated ILFM tutor, inc one-to-one support
  • Access to students forum
  • Employer updates (if required)
  • Individual Study Plan
  • Full access to student resources online

Exam Preparation

  • Dedicated ILFM tutor (one-to-one support)
  • Sample examination Paper/Questions
  • Exam preparation session (format may vary)
  • Exam preparation material
  • Employer updates (if required)


  • One Examination Entry Fee included (students wishing to take the exam locally will be required to pay any additional costs incurred)
  • You are expected to sit the exam either within the 18 months given or shortly thereafter