COFA Workshop

ILFM - The Professional Institute for COFAs


A one day workshop dedicated to the compliance role of COFA.

"Really enjoyed the COFA training course I recently attended, it was captivating and enjoyable.
Sarah was a great trainer and I would highly recommend this course. I really enjoyed the case
studies throughout the day to apply what I was being taught
". Jessica, Legal Cashier

The day will cover the role and duties of the COFA, implementing systems to enable you to monitor, identify and avoid breaches in the Accounts Rules, the accountants report, breach management and reporting. It also covers how to manage the role and discusses behaviour compliance and training. The workshop also focusses on protecting client money and different aspects to financial crime.

The workshop includes interactive sessions with practical examples and case studies discussing whether a breach is serious and COFA conundrums.

Who is it for?

Whether you are being appointed as a COFA, a member of an accounts team or supporting the COFA in their role you will find these workshops valuable

What will you gain?

A deeper understanding of the role along with useful tips, interactive discussions about challenges the COFA faces and approaches in managing the role. An insight into what best practice looks like and also what can go wrong within a firm and the warning signs which could indicate potential problems

What will it cover?

  • Background and responsibilities of the COFA role
  • New SRA Accounts Rules
  • Policies, Procedures and Controls (PPC)
  • Breaches
  • Accountants Report
  • Training and managing the COFA role
  • COFA conundrum
  • Case studies and scenarios

What are the costs?

A full day training, workbook & full lunch is included. 

Early Bird Savings of 10% (Book 6 weeks in advance)

  • ILFM Members £175.50
  • Non Members £265.50

Standard Price

  • ILFM Members £195.00
  • Non Members £295.00

6 CPD points can be claimed 

"I found the training to be very useful as it covered relevant topics which affect the COFA. A lot of other COFA training is not very specific or focussed".  LG, London

"Excellent course, delivered by the knowledgeable and approachable Richard Hill. Enjoyable as well as informative. Essential content".