Support Through Court


We empower people facing court, because no one should have to face court alone. 

Every year, thousands of people in the UK face court alone. Often through no choice of their own, they must represent themselves at a moment that could determine the rest of their life. They may face divorce, eviction from their home, or their children being removed. In an unfamiliar courtroom, up against a party with legal representation, the process can be stressful and confusing.  

We stand with those who have nowhere else to turn. We provide a free service across England and Wales, offering support and guidance before, during, and after court. We make sure people facing court are not alone, and help them navigate a complex legal system with dignity and self-assurance. Our volunteers help clients put their papers in order, helping them prepare what they need to say in court, so that they can best represent themselves.  

Everyone has a right to a fair hearing. We believe that any individual or family seeking help should feel listened to and understood. No one should have to face court alone. 





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