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Legal HR and Practice Managers - How Do You Support Your Legal Finance Teams or Candidates?

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From legal cashiers, bookkeepers, head of accounts to COFAs – there has never been so much education and support through the ILFM.  Knowledge is power.

The ILFM team up each year with Balance Recruit, a specialist Legal Finance Recruitment firm.  The partnership is to research the legal finance sector and carry out surveys on salaries across the board. Richard Hooper, CEO of Balance Recruit, has worked in legal finance for many years and is a true supporter of what the IFLM stands for.  He advises all HR Managers, Practice Managers and external recruiters to support their legal cashiers, bookkeepers, finance managers and COFAs by offering information on ILFM membership as we provide a complete overview of legal finance, SRA Accounts Rules, Qualifications, Software updates, Law Society outlines, together with leading expert articles, and industry qualifications.  We are proud to offer scholarships and also understand exemptions when it comes to learning.

Qualifications and Exemptions

When it comes to EXEMPTIONS, we can advise and support your employees and candidates.  The ILFM are currently working with other accounting bodies to obtain accreditation for exemptions from other qualifications. The ILFM offers exemptions to students who have studied relevant qualifications prior to starting the ILFM's qualifications. This means that your employees or candidates for legal finance roles may not have to take all of the exams at the ILFM Diploma or Associate Level. We want you to start their studies at the right level.  Have a read more HERE.

Legal Finance Talent

One of the biggest headaches legal finance recruiters or HR Managers highlight to Balance Recruit and to us are retention, qualifications, education and support.  Membership with the ILFM provides ALL of these solutions.  The value of employing ILFM members or offering candidates membership provides full support via open forums and education, compliance updates, SRA Accounts Rules Training.

Feeling Valued

All employees should feel valued as a member of any legal firm. Cashiers and bookkeepers can often be seen as the quiet cogs ensuring data and cashflow is reported, but their roles have become more and more demanding owing to compliance and risk.

Our current members are our biggest fans.  Our organisation is one based on education and support.  Our connections and partnerships within the legal and finance arena mean we have leading keynote speakers at events, engaging and educational editorial, prominent tutors and the latest industry information at your fingertips, together with a live two way communication forum.

Our Executive Council is represented by exceptional and influential people, including our Chair, Darren Whelan, an expert in the field of VAT; Richard Hill, a practice manager and compliance officer; and Rick Howlett, an experienced legal finance professional, having worked his way up through the ranks from a legal cashier to a financial controller.  This is just a snapshot of our Executive Council.  There is so much talent and support.

Legal Abacus

This is our bi-monthly glossy magazine for members of the ILFM. The main aim of Legal Abacus is to communicate and inform our members about what is happening within education and career development, legal accounting and business management, together with updates from the wider legal sector as a whole.  Karen Burton is our Legal Editor, and if you’d like to get in contact with her regarding editorial or advertorial – please do so here.

In conclusion

The team and I are totally passionate about what we do and are continually learning, collaborating and working towards a heightened professional standard where all legal cashiers and bookkeepers feel they are valued in their own right.

We welcome editorial and updates for our knowledge hub and online forums.  If you would like to find out more, please do get in touch. 

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