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In memory of Coral Joyce

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We were deeply saddened to learn that Coral Joyce, the longest-serving member of our Executive Council, has passed away following a diagnosis of cancer. Our thoughts and deepest condolences go to Coral’s family.

Coral joined the Council in 1980, when Barry Hilton was Chair, and served no less than 40 years without a break until she retired this year.

Many years ago, our Institute was known as the Institute of Legal Cashiers and Administrators. Coral worked hard to encourage The Law Society to recognise our courses and qualifications and she helped to lay the foundations for the high profile the Institute has today in the legal sector. 

Coral strove to build a closer relationship with The Law Society, which led them to consult with us on proposed changes to Solicitors Accounts Rules. Coral worked tirelessly to obtain the full recognition of our courses and examinations and, in 2002, we finally received the recognition Coral had been working towards over several years. Coral’s influence was just one of the many reasons she was presented with the Aran Bowl in 2002. The Bowl is awarded for dedication and service given unselfishly to forward the aims and objectives of the Institute.

Former Council Member Christine Raywood remembers Coral as, “Such a sensible, no-nonsense committee member and we all worked well together. She will be very dearly missed.”Former chair Dawn Chapman adds, “She was just a highly experienced member, who could always offer some good advice, and was a great supporter of the Institute.”

I myself found Coral to be a lovely lady, who gave me and the team so much encouragement. She had a direct and no-nonsense approach, but was always interested in and concerned about others, especially our members and our staff team. We all had great respect for her and shall miss her quick wit and warm, caring nature.

Coral Joyce 1948-2020


Tim Kidd

Chief Executive