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The ILFM listed legal software suppliers guide 2018-2019.

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Deciding which new or replacement software is appropriate for our firms has never been easy, we have to take so many factors into account. Cost is always a critical consideration, but we also have to include compliance, effectiveness and response times. Not only that, but security has also become a major concern, as cybercrime and fraud become more prevalent.

Our new and updated 2018-2019 guide will help you through all of this. You will find company overviews, products and target markets for all the software suppliers listed in the guide. We list them by size and area of law and include some of the key functionalities and areas of compliance of their products.

The nature of legal services, cloud and the new GDPR requirements puts a greater emphasis now confidentiality, security and regulatory and legal obligations. These considerations are crucial when firms invest in new or replacement software systems, so that they can manage client matters properly and comply fully with regulations.

AI technology will transform the legal sector over the next few years. How we interact with people is now driving business activities, so that we can respond to ever changing customer demands and behaviour. It is no exaggeration to say that technology is reengineering how legal services are provided and delivered at a very fast pace.