Helen Cockburn

Helen Cockburn

Training & Qualifications Manager

With a BSc in Psychology and a passion for education, I oversee all the training events, both online and in-house, together with looking after our students and ILFM Qualifications (ILFM(Dip), AILFM, and FILFM).

I’m originally from Swansea in South Wales, went to the University of Plymouth (where I met my husband!) and thereafter moved to Leeds, then Cambridge before settling in London, all the while working in the areas of training.

I worked for several years at PriceWaterhouseCoopers too before taking some time out to raise my two sons.

The ILFM brought me on full time in 2015 as the Training and Qualifications Manager, which is a role I take very seriously and am passionate about. Education for all is key to choices and opportunities, whilst continued professional development is a must for all professionals in legal finance, administrative and management. 

I work closely with our tutors and trainers and, of course, all our students.