Ruth McLain

Ruth McLain

ILFM Council.

I've worked in legal accounts for more than 30 years, starting as a junior legal cashier, through supervising a large team of cashiers plus more in between.

Thanks to encouragement from key managers and senior colleagues, I’ve gained valuable experience at each career step forward, and I'm keen to offer the same opportunities to others.

My current role as Finance Compliance Manger includes advising on the SRA, Law Society of Scotland and Law Society of Northern Ireland Accounts Rules.  I gain a lot of satisfaction in finding practical and compliant solutions that work for the firm and our clients. But there is nothing better than sharing knowledge and experience with others, seeing that spark of understanding and interest.

Legal accounts work can be challenging, especially when the right answer is “no”!  ILFM training and being able to share alternative viewpoints and approaches to common problems with other members is a great help, providing me with increased assurance in arriving at the best, correct response. I am delighted to be a member of ILFM Council and hope to help the Institute extend that same support to others.

Outside work, I enjoy relaxing with a book, gardening and the finer things in life - wine, food, live entertainment. Best date ever? Wedding anniversary meal with my husband at my favourite restaurant followed by seeing the Foo Fighters in concert.  Or maybe it was seeing Spandau Ballet... Too difficult to choose!