ALPM - Legal Practice Management


Objective: To provide students with the underpinning knowledge needed to manage a legal practice effectively and efficiently.  The course is suitable for students from an array of backgrounds; an experienced cashier with little management experience through to a solicitor starting off their own practice or a managing partner/director.  The course intends to challenge students' overall business concepts, encourage research and be able to implement processes which will ultimately add value to the organisation as a whole.

What is a Law Firm with no Legal Practice Manager?

Ever since the Legal Services Act 2007 came into being, access to partner level in a law firm has seen a rise in non-lawyers stepping up and taking a financial stake in the processes at director level, including Legal Practice Managers. Whether or not you came into a law firm via training from university or through our own Legal Cashier Diploma Course, our Legal Practice Management Course will give you the knowledge to manage a legal practice through a winning training strategy.

Contents of the Course:

  • Tutorial 1: About the Legal Profession - the impact and changes following the Legal Services Act 2007, Alternative Business Structures (ABS) and Multi-Disciplinary Practices (MDP), the responsibilities firms have as well as employees.
  • Tutorial 2: Professional Conduct Rules & Regulations - Introduction into outcome focused regulation, the Handbook, the Principles, conflict of interest, file retention/storage/destruction.
  • Tutorial 3: Client Care - Introduction to Client Care, Provisions of Services Regulation 2009, information about costs, complaints and client experience.
  • Tutorial 4: Managing your Business – Organisation charts, best practice, referrals, sources of business, cross selling, internal controls, auditing and file reviews.
  • Tutorial 5: Management - Drucker’s principles of management, stakeholders, people & performance management, appraisals, training, development, grievances & disciplinary.
  • Tutorial 6: Leadership - Types of leadership & theories, lead, motivate and inspire, communication, culture.
  • Tutorial 7: Your Team - Theory, emotional intelligence, reward & recognition, team spirit
  • Tutorial 8: Risk Management – Identifying risks, managing risks, contingency plans, indemnity insurance, data protection.
  • Tutorial 9: Getting Noticed – Marketing (e-marketing), advertising, publicity, branding, evaluation of success, website and E-business, corporate social responsibility.
  • Tutorial 10: Business Analysis – Strategy, mission statements, SWOT Analysis, PESTEL, critical success factors, competitive advantage, managing change.
  • Tutorial 11: Project Management – business processes, stages of project management, managing and leading projects, identifying stakeholders, legal practice management.

Each tutorial contains self test questions and an assignment to be submitted for marking.

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ILFM membership is a requirement for studying with us. 

All Inclusive Coursework and Examination Fee:  £545

You are given 18 months to complete the coursework and enter for the exam (each course can be completed sooner).  Please check if you are entitled to any exemptions by holding other relevant qualifications. ILFM membership is also a requirement of study.


  • Full access to online course material (for 18 months)
  • Dedicated ILFM tutor, inc one-to-one support
  • Employer updates (if required)
  • Full access to student resources online

Exam Preparation

  • Dedicated ILFM tutor (one-to-one support)
  • Sample examination Paper/Questions
  • Exam preparation session (format may vary)
  • Exam preparation material
  • Employer updates (if required)


  • One Examination Entry Fee included (students wishing to take the exam locally will be required to pay any additional costs incurred)
  • You are expected to sit the exam either within the 18 months given or shortly thereafter

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