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Seven reasons why you can't miss the ILFM Annual Conference 2017

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With just ten weeks to go until the Annual ILFM conference,  the team asked me what I’m most looking forward to. When I stopped to give this some thought, I realised there was quite a lot – it’s an exciting year for the ILFM and its members.

Here’s my ‘top 7’ of what I’m looking forward to:

  • 1. Since joining the ILFM in early 2015 as CEO, the team and I have made some really fantastic progress to make the member services even better, and our training and education provision is on turbo drive, with more students and attendees this year than last.
  • 2. I’ll be sharing a full progress report with you all at the event, so make sure you come along to hear the latest news.
  • 3. Apart from the odd podcast or video, it’s very rare that I can sit and listen to experts in our industry – we have some really great speakers this year who will be covering everything from GDPR to Cybercrime, and NEW SRA Account Rules to Access to Justice. With so much change in the last 12 months, our speakers have a lot to share.
  • 4. The SRA will be present to give us all an official update on the long awaited changes in the SRA Accounts Rules from the SRA.
  • 5. Every conference gives us a chance to work closely with key partners and sponsors, which always brings with it lots if idea sharing and collaborations for the following year.
  • 6. I speak to members every day, but having so many members all in one room is a fantastic opportunity for me to listen to our members and hear about what they want from the ILFM, get feedback, float ideas with, and most importantly to pick their super smart and very valuable brains!
  • 7. From last year’s conference, I’d say one of the most important and valuable aspects of the event is that I hear about the daily dilemmas faced by you – the legal accounts and management teams, which enables us to work out how we can support you best, as an organisation.

I look forward to seeing you there on Friday 24th November, 10am. If you’ve not already booked your place, – book your place here.

See you there,

Tim Kidd

Chief Executive