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SRA Board decisions on New Accounts Rules 2018 and more...

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The SRA has published it's recent decisions and consultation response documents. 

Follow this link to see > consultation response documents. Downloadable documents at the bottom of this post.

Following consultations last year, the SRA have today published their decisions on...

- Revised and streamlined Account Rules
- New SRA Principles  
- Two new Codes of Conduct
- Solicitors offering services outside SRA regulated firms  

The SRA say these decisions were reached after extensive engagement for around 11,000 people and a wide range of organisations, both before and during the consultation. They state they have listened to and responded to feedback from solicitors, law firms, the general public and representative bodies.
New Handbook will not be implemented before Autumn 2018.

They will be consulting on phase 2 of Looking to the Future, which includes the rest of the rules and their approach to enforcement, later on this year. All of the Handbook changes will be implemented together.

The ILFM comment you will be able to find here on our Blog page.  

Tim Kidd

Chief Executive

You can find more here > Consultation response documents.

Downloadable document(s)