Billing within Legal Practice

"...excellent billing information. Been looking for a post-Brexit training course relevant to the legal sector since before Brexit and Darren didn't disappoint. Full of information now"  Kate Falvert-Martin Lightfoots LLP, Chief Financial Officer

(3 Hours CPD) From just £150

This online session provides guidance and clarity for billing procedures and processes, ensuring that VAT is charged correctly, and accounted for at right time in accordance with the VAT Act 1994 Section 6. It will also look at the difference between statute and bill of account invoices as well as covering VAT overseas and the changes following Brexit.
Who is it for?
Those in legal practice or management, providing guidance and practical advice about key aspects of billing and compliance including treatment of disbursements and recharges. If you are new to your VAT role, or require a VAT refresher on the subject, especially post Brexit, then this course is for you.
What will you gain?
  • Assertion that your billing and VAT procedures are in order and are correct from a compliance perspective
  • Information to ensure you are fully compliant and up to date in accordance with the  Solicitors Act 1974 and VAT Act 1994
What will it cover?
  • UK Sales
    • Standard Rated, Zero Rated, Exempt and Outside the Scope of VAT
  • Time of Supply/Tax Points
    • When VAT must be accounted for
  • Supplies Overseas
    • Supplies to EU and Non-EU clients (including Brexit)
    • Reverse Charge
    • Supplies relating to Land and property including litigious supplies
  • Invoicing Procedures
    • Valid VAT invoicing Requirements
    • Valid Credit Note Requirements
    • Third Party Payers
    • Paper and Electronic Invoicing
    • Disbursement -V- Recharge
    • Layout
    • Statute and Bill of Account Invoices
  • VAT Return
    • Computerised VAT Rates
    • Completion
    • Penalties
    • Errors and corrections

Speaker/Trainer: Darren Whelan - view Test Yourself